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Kianga House is extremely proud of the hundred of families that have become self sufficient and moved beyond homelessness as a result of the heartfelt efforts of our staff and from their own determination, resourcefulness and hard work. After 23 years of service, we enjoy the ongoing contact with so many of our Kianga families.  It is quite common for former residents to stop by to let us witness the beautiful growth and achievements of the children and the overall advancement of the families. Those who’ve moved out of the New York area, also maintain contact with us the staff. Then there are the ex-residents who have attained various levels of professional expertise and community connections and who make them available to the facility.
This page of our website will feature updates on our “Kianga Families” and provide them with a venue thru which to share their insights and perspectives regarding their time with us and how the future can hold very positives outcomes for the families we service.




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